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Toll / Financial Management
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Toll / Financial Management

VIFG guarantees an ear-marked allocation of the funds collected through the truck toll system. From 2004 until 2010, also federal railway and federal waterway projects had been given a portion of the revenues collected through the truck toll system. It was not until 1 Jan 2011, when the decision was taken to invest all revenues raised through the truck toll system exclusively into road projects; this was a first step towards the introduction of a self-contained system. In 2011, the decision was taken for railway and waterway projects to be again financed in a conventional matter, i.e. by taxes. » More...
PPP - Public Private Partnership
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PPP - Public Private Partnership

In the recent years, Public Private Partnerships have established themselves as an instrument for building and developing public infrastructure projects. Public Private Partnerships allows the public sector to implement projects in good time and to benefit from the efficiency that results from it.
The following pages elaborate on main issues and projects implemented by PPPs regarding transport infrastructure in Germany. » More...
The Company
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The Company

The aim of the Association for Transport Infrastructure Financing mbH (VIFG) is to provide an economic, effective, and efficient transport infrastructure. VIFG creates an institutional framework for the collection and allocation of the truck toll that is an indispensable element of the user-financed system. » More...
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