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Prof. Torsten R. Böger - Managing Director

Prof. Torsten R. Böger

Managing Director

born 1961, Director of VIFG, as of 2003

Torsten R. Böger studied at the Universities of Münster and Köln and graduated in Economics (Diplom-Volkswirt.). His professional career started in a national private bank, where he worked in the credit department and later in the field of M&A, project funding and strategic consulting for financial structural measures. Torsten R. Böger was then working for two international consulting firms, before he joined the VIFG and was appointed Head of the Department of Infrastructure Finance dealing with Project Finance and Public Private Partnership.

Torsten R. Böger became a University lecturer in 2001 and an honorary professor in the field of Project Financing and Public Private Partnerships at the Technical University Braunschweig in 2011. His recent publications include: „Finanzierungskreislauf Straße über die VIFG" (Böger, Sudau) in: Internationales Verkehrswesen, Ausgabe 3/2011); „VIFG 2011: („VIFG 2011: Einstieg in den Finanzierungskreislauf Straße" (Böger, Sudau) in: Public Private Partnership Jahrbuch 2011 (Hrsg.) Prof. Dr. Weber, M. ) and „Nutzerfinanzierung der Bundesfernstraßen - gerecht, transparent, effizient"(Böger, Sudau) in: Public Private Partnership Jahrbuch 2012 (Hrsg.) Knop, D.; Prof. Dr. Weber, M.)

Martin Friewald - Managing Director

Martin Friewald

Managing Director

Mr. Martin Friewald graduated from the Law Faculty of the University in Bonn and Würzburg. Until 2000, he worked as a Legal consultant for the Regional Office for Finance (Oberfinanzdirektion) in Nuremberg and later in the Federal Ministry of Finance. He spent two years in the position of head of the department for federal financial equalization (Leiter des Referats für bundesstaatlichen Finanzausgleich) working for the Senator of Finance of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. In 2002, he took up the position as an Assistant Secretary (Ministerialdirigent) for the Central Department at the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Employment and Infrastructure of the state of Thuringia.

As of 2006, Mr. Friewald worked as the Head of the Federal Office for Transportation and Roads in the Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg over a period of four years. He was primarily in charge of extending the federal motorway section "BAB A7", situated north of the Elbe tunnel, and the route planning for the motorway 252 (Hafenquerspange), a port link road. He then assumed the post of Head of road transport, a department of the Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Development where he was responsible for the project "accompanied driving at the age of 17" that became a perpetual right, for carrying out field trials with Longer Heavier Vehicles (LHVs), also called super lorries, and for developing a traffic safety program for the current decade.

Andreas Scharf - Prokurist, business administration manager

Andreas Scharf

Prokurist, business administration manager

Andreas Scharf, a shipping manager and expert for trade and transport, began his career in a medium-sized shipping company. After filling various positions at the former Federal Office for Goods Transport he changed to the former Ministry for Transport in Bonn in 1997 and continued to work for the Ministry after it moved to Berlin in 1999.

He worked for the Department for public/private cooperation and was the representative of the Federal government in exercising shareholder rights in various state-owned companies". He also provided consulting to the supervisory board and was in charge of privatization projects.

Andreas Scharf has been working for VIFG as a business administration manager since 2004 and has been an authorized signatory (Prokurist) for the company since March 2008. He was also member of various Supervisory Boards and has a certificate as Compliance Officer (TÜV).

Frank Ulber - Leiter Infrastrukturprojekte und Finanzierung

Frank Ulber

Head of the Department „Infrastructure projects/financing“

Frank Ulber graduated from Technical University Berlin in 1995 as a an engineer (Dipl.-Ing.); He began his professional career working for an international investor of industrial infrastructure. He was engaged in PPP-projects on a national and international level and filled various positions. He studied Economics and Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Applied Sciences and graduated as an Industrial Engineer (Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur).

Frank Ulber has been working for VIFG since 2005, initially in the capacity of a Division Manager for PPP-projects , then as a member of the managing board in the field of infrastructure projects and financing.

He was engaged in all bidding processes for PPP-projects for federal roads focusing on financing and economic feasibility studies. He was working to further improve the structures of PPP-projects Frank Ulber is a University lecturer at the Technical University Dortmund giving courses in the Master programme „Economic feasibility research for public projects".

Jörg Bünning -Head of the Department Toll systems/Financial control

Jörg Bünning

Head of the Department „Financial management of federal highways/tolls“

Jörg Bünning looks back on more than ten years of professional experience gathered at the two most renowned consulting and audit firms worldwide. He worked five years for the public sector in the field of infrastructure, real estate and urban development and worked for two years in the field of Real Estate Development.

Jörg Bünning studied Management/Administrative Science (Verwaltungswissenschaften) at the University in Koblenz specializing in Management, Infrastructure, Politics and Law and graduated as a Diplom-Verwaltungswissenschaftler (Administration Specialist).

As a management consultant, Jörg Bünning was in charge of infrastructure and real estate projects on a national and international level. He specialised in the field of transactions, reorganisation, privatisation and Public Private Partnerships. He worked as a consultant both for the private and the public sectors, for example for institutions of the EU, Federal Ministries, financing companies and building and operating companies. Furthermore, Jörg Bünning looks back on a vast experience in managing and controlling public investments.
Late 2010, Jörg Bünning was appointed Head of the Department „Financial management of federal highways/tolls" control at VIFG.