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The company

The transport infrastructure finance company (VIFG) - a company owned by the Federal Government with statutorily regulated duties- was founded in Berlin in 2003. The establishment and duties of VIFG are defined in the "Law for the establishment of a transport infrastructure finance company for the funding of federal roads (Verkehrsinfrastrukturfinanzierungsgesellschaftsgesetz - VIFGG)". This law empowers the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) to delegate certain tasks of the Federal Government with regards to the financing of the transport infrastructure to VIFG, as well as tasks related to the Fernstraßenbauprivatfinanzierungsgesetz (German Act on Private Financing for Transport Infrastructure) or comparable private transport infrastructure projects.
The decision to found VIFG in 2003 is essentially based on the results of the appointed, independent government commission 'transport infrastructure financing" set up by the then Federal Minister for Transport, Building and Urban Development, who compiled a comprehensive strategic concept on how to make additional funds available for infrastructure financing against the backdrop of the discussion on sustainable financing of federal transport routes.

The following proposals made by the so-called Pällmann Commission were taken up by the Federal Government and met with broad acceptance in business and politics:

  • a step-by-step system change from tax financing to user financing
  • the economically and ecologically sensible introduction of a distance-based toll system
  • ensuring earmarked use of toll for investment

The key findings of the Pällmann Commission were confirmed in 2012 by the commission on the "Future of transport infrastructure financing" (the so-called Daehre Commission) and in 2013 by the commission on "Sustainable transport infrastructure financing" (the so-called Bodewig Commission). In particular the structural underfunding of transport infrastructure was made a subject of discussion in both reports, which are available in full at: http://www.vifg.de/en/service/downloads/index.php. With its change in legislation ("First law amending the transport infrastructure financing company act" dated 21 December 2015), the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany laid the foundations for VIFG to manage the payment transactions for all expenditure for the financing of the construction, maintenance and operation of federal highways from 2016.

Among VIFG's tasks in the field of financing federal highways were the implementation of payment transactions in connection with the construction, maintenance and operation of federal highways. This includes funds from the fees generated under the Federal Road Toll Act and all other budgetary appropriations in the federal budget. To achieve this, the company operates a finance management system that includes additional functions for setting up monitoring instruments.

In addition, VIFG provides support to BMVI in preparing, implementing and managing private-sector projects. It promotes the development of appropriate operator models for the provision of roads and participates and accompanies their implementation. In this context, "Public Private Partnerships" (PPP models) in the transport sector are conceptually and systematically refined.
VIFG sees itself as a PPP competence centre and part of the federal competence network traffic. As a "service centre economy", VIFG developed conceptual solutions that focus on economy efficiency. In doing so, the economic consideration is just as important as the project profitability at the procurement level.