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Germany's Transport Infrastructure Financing Company (VIFG)

Financial management of federal highways/tolls
Since the fiscal year of 2016 the payment transactions for the entire budget for federal highways have been managed by VIFG (Germany's Transport Infrastructure Financing Company) except for the funds managed by BMVI (Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure). The funding of federal highways is thus consistently and comprehensively mapped out in one management system.
Infrastructure projects/financing
VIFG deals with the economic viability regarding the procurement of federal traffic infrastructure and on the issue of how to best finance infrastructure. VIFG is looking for new ways to make the transport system more efficient and to ensure that it remains efficient in the future.
User financing
User financing
The term user financing describes a sustainable financing concept for transport infrastructure. In contrast to tax financing, the road user pays directly to use the infrastructure. An efficient infrastructure is provided in return for the price paid. The principle of services rendered and services received - the so-called principle of equivalence - is indispensable for the system of user financing. The provision of services and their use therefore form a funding cycle that reflects the actual road costs and where the supply is based on the demand.