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Financial management of federal highways/tolls

Implementation of payment transactions for federal highways

Since the fiscal year of 2016 the payment transactions for the entire budget for federal highways have been managed by VIFG (Germany's Transport Infrastructure Financing Company) except for the funds managed by BMVI (Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure). The funding of federal highways is thus consistently and comprehensively mapped out in one management system.

Around €7.76bn have been set aside¹ in the federal budget 2017 for the construction, maintenance and operation of federal highways. Compared with the previous year this is an increase of almost 6%. Compared to the years 2010 to 2016, the figure of €7.76bn is the highest. In this context, it is worth mentioning that medium term financial planning currently adopted by the German Federal Government for the years 2018 and 2020 envisages a further increase in the budget for the Federal Highway of up to some €8.43bn.

The payment transactions for the construction, maintenance and operation of federal highways is carried out technically by the Financial Management System (FMS) of VIFG. VIFG's FMS is based technically on business-oriented "Enterprise Resource Planning" software from SAP. This makes it possible to secure sustainability and opportunities for further development of the FMS at a high level, also in technical terms.

All 16 federal states in their order management capacity (the management of federal highways and B-roads by the federal states on behalf of the Federal Government) and DEGES (German Unity motorway planning and construction company) are connected to the FMS of VIFG in order to handle the payment transactions. As a result, roughly 1,100 employees in order management are currently using the FMS of VIFG.

The overall management of the funds for Federal highway construction with effect from 2016 meant a significant increase in the volume of payment transactions, the number of transactions and users of FMS in the federal states.

[1] Projected values according to the 2017 federal budget including railway crossing measures (Section 1202, title group 02; projection: around €80m)

The management of the funds for the federal highways by VIFG in detail is as follows:

Total management expenditure by VIFG - projections in accordance with the 2017 budget plan -in thousand €
Section 1201 title group 01: Construction, maintenance and operation of federal highways
Requirements plan for federal motorways 655,261
Requirements plan for B-roads 456,231
Reconstruction & development, service stations, noise barriers, federal motorways 400,150
Reconstruction & development, noise barriers for B-roads 215,050
Maintenance federal motorways 2,110,232
Maintenance B-roads 1,084,768
Construction/maintenance of transport facilities and installations federal motorways 135,000
Construction/maintenance of transport facilities and installations for B-roads 27,000
Construction of cycle paths including maintenance for B-roads 98,000
Buildings constructions federal motorways and B-roads 46,000
Measures in accordance with the Eisenbahnkreuzungsgesetz (Railway Crossing Act) for B-roads 10,000
Land acquisition requirements plan measures for federal motorways 80,000
Land acquisition requirements plan measures for B-roads 60,000
Land acquisition reconstruction and development, service stations, noise barriers for federal motorways 12,000
Land acquisition reconstruction and development including noise barriers for B-roads 30,000
Acquisition of shares within the scope of PPP projects for federal motorways 455,000
Earmarked expenditure for federal motorways 122,000
Earmarked expenditure for B-roads 61,000
Operating service for federal motorways 586,000
Operating service for B-roads 419,195
Acquisition of motor vehicles for federal motorways and B-roads 42,000
Acquisition of equipment and machinery for federal motorways and B-roads 28,500
Acquisition of privately pre-financed sections of federal motorways omitted
Acquisition of privately pre-financed sections of B-roads omitted
Section 1201 (before title group 01)
Coordination TEN 532 04 170
Transportation studies 534 01* 3,100
Inventory of federal highways / coordination of specialist information systems 535 02* 7,200
Private roads of the federal government 744 01 1,200
Allocations to local public authorities in accordance with § 5a Federal Highway Act 883 02 33,498
Section 1201: Management of federal highways by VIFG 7,178,555
Section 1210, Other approvals - title group 07 future investments title 74171, investment in federal highways 500,333
Section 1201 and Section 1210 Management of federal highways by VIFG 7,678,888
Section 1202, Federal railways - title group 02 railroad crossing measures 81,030
Total expenditure planned 'Management by VIFG" according to federal budget 2016 7,759,918

* management in part by VIFG


Detailed description of sections/titles of the federal budget managed by VIFG in 2017

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) will allocate the total budget for federal highways to the order management bodies and DEGES as their transaction limit. VIFG maps out the transaction limit of all order management bodies and DEGES in the financial management system and will also secure the technical control of the respective transaction limit.

The federal highway network to be financed comprises approximately 51,866 kilometres,

  • 12,993 kilometres of which are federal motorways and
  • 38,303 kilometres of which are B-roads.*

*Source: BMVI, last updated 1 January 2016

New building measures in the federal highways sector are also to be funded in addition to funding the existing network.

The Federal Government owns the federal highways (Art. 90 GG). The financial responsibility for the construction and expansion of federal highways lies with the federal government. The fulfilment of tasks in connection with construction, expansion and maintenance of federal highways is the responsibility of the federal states within the framework of the federal order management and at their own discretion.